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Customizable Communication

Using SASI’s platform, governments can implement software solutions that are high quality, meet safety-critical compliance and regulatory standards, are price-competitive, and delivered quickly.

The solution is to adopt a pragmatic approach to development — from requirements and modeling, through development, product testing and release. Maximizing no-code allows for applications and systems to be developed at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Price Competitive

No-code advantages optimized for cost-effectiveness.

Fast Development

Leverage no-code software designed for governments; dramatically reduce solution delivery time.
Preempted obstacles and government specialized features – License model, hosting, admin control, cybersecurity, data protection and more.

Compliance and Management

Structured for Scale

Support populations from small towns to large states.


User friendly, online/offline capabilities with support for older OS, low storage and low resource devices.
Express your visual identity and brand.


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Case studies

Public Housing Distribution Program

Amazonas Meu Lar - Amazonas My Home

Client: Government of the State of Amazonas
Year: 2023 – Current
Number of Users: ~ 162,000

A 1 billion dollar project funded by federal and state funds, the public housing project “Amazonas My Home” would distribute 24,000+ houses to citizens who met specific criteria.

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SASI allowed the State of Amazonas to build a system for citizens to apply to the program, meeting all communication and informational needs. For the government it provided the platform to organize and manage the applications, vet beneficiaries, update applicants, and continue the process with benefit receivers.

The system is also able to be used as an audit tool to ensure that applications were processed fairly, and houses reached real applicants.

The app is planned to be updated as final beneficiaries are selected. Owing to SASI’s ease of updating, new features and functionalities can be easily included and old ones removed.

Citizens were given a website and the SASI app as the two ways to apply to the program. Out of over 365,000 forms initiated, citizens who used SASI were 100% more likely to complete their application.

Disability Benefits ID Card - Sign up and Validation

PCD Digital​

Client: Secretary of Justice, Human Rights, and Citizenship (SEJUSC) of the State of Amazonas, Brazil
Year: 2020 – Current
Number of Users: ~ 150,000

The “PCD Digital” system was developed for the request, validation, approval, and issuance of ID cards for persons with disabilities, for the Secretary of Justice, Human Rights, and Citizenship (SEJUSC) of the State of Amazonas, Brazil.

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The “PCD Digital” App allowed persons with disabilities or their caregivers to: 

  • apply for their disability cards
  • track their applications.
  • check important information
  • receive news
  • access FAQs
  • Submit complaints and concerns directly to the secretary.
  • request new cards in case of loss or to update information.

For the Secretary of Justice Human Rights and Citizenship, a custom back-end was designed to:

  • Process applications quickly and manage communications with the beneficiaries easily.
  • Government workers could
    update the status of applications with custom statuses set by the government,
  • easily check for data consistencies
  • edit submitted photos and ID card information
  • Communicate with beneficiaries

Vaccination Sign up and Distribution

Imuniza Porto Velho

Client: Department of Health City of Porto Velho
Year: 2020
Number of Users: ~ 200,000

Imuniza Porto Velho was developed for the Department of Health of the city of Porto Velho in Brazil to facilitate the sign up for COVID 19 vaccines and create a safe communication channel between the Department of Health and citizens.

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For this time critical one-time project, the ease and speed of SASI allowed for a solution to be developed, managed, and utilized instantly. 


  • Sign up for vaccine appointments
  • Receive updates on application status
  • Get updates from the department of health directly as notifications without relying on traditional media sources. 


  • Fast response in critical situation
  • Full system to administer and operate with compliance
  • Direct communication to citizens

State and Municipal School Security

Action and Prevention

Client: Secretary of Eduaction State of Amazonas
Year: 2020 – Now
Number of Users: +100,000, +2000 schools

The most widely used school security application in Brazil.

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The Action and Prevention app gives teachers and administrators a portal to report directly to relevant authorities.

  • Report security concerns to security and centralized monitoring centers.
  • Report maintenance or theft issues to third party school insurance companies.
  • Send complaints or other administrative necessities to the department of education.
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Panic alerts integrated to police, fire department, or ambulance.

Municipal Management​

City in my Hand

Client: City of Rio Preto da Eva
Year: 2024
Number of Users: To be determined – release soon

SASI is introducing a Municipal App for City Halls, enabling direct and simplified communication between citizens and various municipal departments.

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For the local government

  1. Collection and management of data and demands.
  2. Strengthening the image of the city hall with a unified and modern brand.
  3. Monitoring and improvement of municipal department activities.
  4. Direct communication with citizens offering an official channel.

For the population

  1. Easy access to information and municipal services.
  2. Real time news
  3. Citizen participation with suggestions, complaints or compliments.

School Meal Delivery (Emergency COVID program)

School Meal Delivery (Emergency COVID program)

Client: State of Amazonas, Brazil
Year: 2020
Number of Users: 400,000 beneficiaries

A winner of the Inter American Development Bank’s Superheroes of Development Award, School Lunch at Home was a program that distributed food kits during the COVID 19 lockdowns to hundreds of thousands of families who relied on school lunches to feed their kids every day.

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Utilizing SASI the State of Amazonas developed a full system to manage and carry out the program:

  • App for the delivery workers:
    • confirm delivery of benefit
    • communicate with the program’s HQ directly
  • App for the beneficiaries:
    • Sign up for the program
    • Track their applications
    • Confirm receipt of their deliveries.
    • Information on the program
  • Back-end for program managers and workers:
    • Track operation in real time
    • Review applications
    • Respond quickly to issues from workers and beneficiaries


The SASI Platform allows for the quick development and deployment of mobile applications linked to back-end systems that monitor and manage data from users as well as communicate with applications on an ongoing basis.

Being a government-oriented platform that already accounts for many of their security and structural needs, SASI becomes an easy tool for governments to use to quickly and cost effectively build systems for both long term and short term projects.


Easily create, edit, manage and publish new applications

SASI Application

Simple, easy to use application that can be accessed via Android or Apple

Monitoring backend

View alerts/data and manage communications to certain apps and teams


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